digital people experiences that drive performance
driving enterprise and remote team performance

The future of work is already here – with distributed teams working from traditional ‘owned’ physical offices, shared workplaces, and virtual offices from home or remote locations of their choice. It’s critical that your teams have:

  • a clear line-of-sight on individual, organization, and team goals
  • seamless collaboration and communication channels that power performance
  • ability to instantly recognize contributions and celebrates milestones
  • actionable information on priority tasks and ability to identify which people own, support or share in contributing to the goals set
transparency & visibility
  • drive purpose and create synergy between your organization’s growth strategy, operational plan,individual goals and employees.
  • create a goal culture.
  • align your workforce.
accountability & productivity
  • provide insights to empower people with the information they need to perform better.
  • make it easier to facilitate conversations between individuals and across teams – and ensure that they are more contextual than ever.
collaboration & co-creation
  • shift away from conventional approaches to annual reviews and embrace a more meaningful, continuous review and feedback model.
  • help employees accomplish more by clearly defining a growth plan and setting easily achievable short-term and long-term goals.

power continuous performance and a
goal-driven culture

  • set a framework to achieve desired goals — design a goal engine that works for you regardless of which KPI processes your organization uses. Start creating value within 4-6 weeks.
  • set clear objectives to enhance agility and focus in the organization.
  • set up custom performance programs that empower employees to align individual goals with team and organization goals with our proprietary automated alignment engine.
  • deploy tailor-made strategy roadmaps inspired by the balanced scorecard methodology.

drive collaboration and employee engagement

  • enhance work transparency with visibility to organization’s and team objectives – available on-demand.
  • enable frequent conversations to better track individual needs, performance, updates and progress.
  • drive a comprehensive, peer-to-peer and 360 feedback and review culture.
  • help your employees plan their tasks & meet their goals with recommended actions and nudges, as Things to Know and Things to Do.

create performance behaviors

  • power high performance with the right data insights – for individuals, teams and the enterprise.
  • proactively identify and predict where employees may need additional support.
  • enable managers to ensure the team is on track throughout the review cycle and nudge them to meet their targets.
  • give hyper-personalized contextual insights and nudges with our easy-to-use Employee Hub, which makes for more organised employees and better performance outcomes.

recognition & rewards

  • gamify performance and productivity with contests and individual scorecards.
  • send timely kudos and recognition to retain top talent.

empower with insights

  • deep dive into contextual insights to understand employee motivations and performance triggers.
  • democratize easy-to-understand performance reports so that employees can take self-corrective measures.
  • share insights across the organization to improve managerial decision-making.
  • build a proactive workforce that acts on insights and not just intuition.

personalized nudges that drive performance outcomes

  • employ behavior-changing nudges to encourage your employees to achieve their targets.
  • address performance gaps with individualized, actionable system-enabled nudges.
  • inspire individuals to take the reins of their performance into their own hands.
  • incentivize milestones like task completion and goal accomplishment to motivate employees.
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