Driving Business Value: Augmenting Human Capital Management With AI

Increased digitalization has played a key role in elevating the role of the HR leader and function as we know. Agile-oriented businesses have begun placing an even bigger premium on the crucial business value that an agile workforce creates in the post-digital age.

The ongoing workforce disruption unleashed by the pandemic crisis is set to accelerate the transformation of the role of the HR leader and the HR function.

Along with the demands of a distributed workforce and emergent business models, enterprises can no longer afford to overlook the shift needed to enable the agility required to meet redefined expectations, not just from customers and the C-suite but also the new workforce.

The HR leader, therefore, will be at the center of shaping how enterprises navigate the radical shifts taking place across the spectrum of human capital management – from employee experience, to talent sourcing and retention, to the approaches towards performance management.

Technology – particularly AI and augmented analytics – will mark the definitive shift towards human capital management practices that reflect:

◆  Why the HR profession needs AI

◆  What got us here won’t take us to the future

◆  The maturing of talent analytics in HCM

◆  The future is data driven

◆  Methods of capturing Employee data

◆  Key questions HR should look to answer

◆  Moving beyond efficient and effective HR processes -towards the empowered employee

◆  Enterprises practices that will accelerate shift

◆  How to enable your enterprises to accelerate shifts that reflect practices: Employee experience led v/s employment contract-led; Employee-led
v/s Leadership-led; Insight-led v/s Intuition-led; Nudge-led v/s Instruction-led; Democratized and empowering v/s controlled and constraining; Agile vs Lean

These are some of the key findings of our latest whitepaper, which aims to simplify the emerging complexities of AI and human capital and help CHROs and CXOS navigate the landscape in the next step for their evolution

To Read the full whitepaper, click here.

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