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smart lead assessment, refined outreach and conversions

our digital marketing insights help enterprises to enhance their marketing efforts by identifying, engaging, and accelerating lead conversions. entomo leverages built-in intelligence, rich and targeted behavioral data, and automates user journey flows to help marketing teams to identify, predict and convert potential leads.

  • behavioral tracking to identify high-potential MQLs.
  • augmented analytics and insights to enhance customer outreach
  • dynamic lead scoring capabilities to predict high-potential leads that convert into SQLs.
  • automated lead information analysis to simplify SQL outreach and data-driven recommendations to improve outcomes.
  • comprehensive MQL and SQL analysis that highlights loss ratio for sales, conversion rates, and much more in the form of knowledge graphs.
  • streamlined sales and marketing efforts that saves countless hours of manual effort and improves sales outcomes.

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intuitive data insights

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SOC 2 certified
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