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The client is a massive government entity that is on the path to go paperless by 2021.
It has embarked on a two-year road map to roll out entomo across all its 63 entities that include a civilian employee size of over 60,000.



The government agency was faced with inconsistent performance management processes across its different divisions. It also faced challenges with its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) performance management tool, particularly low adoption levels, attributable to its limited functionality and poor user experience.
Certain large divisions used the legacy ERP as well as manual methods including excel spreadsheets and pen-and-paper, while smaller ones depended largely on manual reporting methods. The agency then set out to seek a solution that would substantially improve the efficiency and better align the performance management processes.

entomo has helped the agency initiate a government-wide transformation in performance management processes, replacing legacy systems with a more efficient and digitalized performance appraisal process, and a more standardized and systematic approach.
It has provided much better visibility on performance goals and helped improve employee engagement and experience, linking employees’ key performance indicators (KPIs) to the overall government strategy.
The improved and transparent performance appraisal process has reduced any unnecessary debates between performance managers and employees over awarded ratings. That has resulted in managers seeing a 90% productivity improvement in appraisal review. In addition, employees have seen a 75% productivity improvement as they no longer have to deal with various systems and rely on the manual process of printing and attaching evidence of performance.
The agency also saw huge cost savings in the tune of about $11.3 million from the retirement of its legacy solution and the resulting lower license fees. It was also able to reduce operational expenses by about $106,679, thanks to digitalizing operations, a huge thumbs up as it progresses on its mission of going paperless.

Overall, the government agency has seen fewer complaints and much greater employee satisfaction and retention.

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