Transforming employee engagement for over 60 business units for this ‘fastest-growing’ conglomerate

This client is one of the largest and fastest-growing publicly-listed companies in Indonesia. The company is engaged in the business of trading sector of mining products and affiliated services, among others.
With more than 60 business units, it is engaged in multiple lines of businesses ranging from coal production and trading to logistics, construction, renewable energy as well as financial, property management, investment, banking, insurance and fintech. The company was awarded “100 Fastest Growing Companies” for its ability to maintain sustainability and rapid growth.

As the company continued to expand rapidly, it encountered difficulties, particularly collaborating more effectively, and monitoring its operations and performance more effectively.

entomo helped the organization measure employee performance through an online scorecard system. The objective is to allow each employee to view their performance via their laptop or mobile phone, and track their progress and achievements as well as get a clear understanding of their job expectations. Similarly, the app also allows greater engagement between the Company and its employees as they can broadcast announcements, instant notifications as well as corporate social videos and events to the employees.
entomo further embarked on creating online dashboards and critical insights for the Senior Management team to monitor key leading indicators of performance and to facilitate real-time decision making on operational issues. All these have been made possible through the mobile phone.
Since the implementation of the platform, the company has been able to reduce attrition from 7% to less than 3%, increase profitability by up to 8-10% annually, as well as reduce overhead costs by 10%.

With proper monitoring on its operations, the Management were able to make more informed decisions as well as rewarding performing employees.

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