In an ever-evolving world of work, enterprises and business models are undergoing rapid and profound changes. Managing performance in the future of work will need more than legacy performance management systems.

entomo enables organizations and teams to be future-ready by offering solutions that ensure

  • Everyday alignment of organizational, team and individual goals
  • Personalized insights and nudges to drive power performance behaviors
  • Engage and empower talent development and skills
About Us

it’s not about surviving – it’s about thriving and flourishing.

About Us

The concept of entomo has evolved by taking inspiration from entomology – the study of insects. The modestly sized wonders of nature – survive, adapt & evolve with their resilience, teamwork, and persistence.

‘Enterprises of Tomorrow’ will benefit extraordinarily by embracing a similar philosophy.

  • Engage and align goals
  • Empower with goal-oriented nudges
  • Enable people growth

Become a purpose-led organization

Apply intelligence across all processes and decisions

Empower people to perform, learn and grow

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entomo offers an end-to-end platform that enables ‘Enterprises of Tomorrow’ to perform, engage act and grow.

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