May 24, 2022

Entomo restructures, names co-founder Prithvi Shergill as CEO

May 24, 2022:

By People Matters News May 16, 2022

Shergill is now Group CEO of entomo experience, the global people experience business separated out as one of entomo’s main verticals.

entomo, a people experience platform focused on driving performance and talent transformation, has announced that co-founder and Chief Business Officer Prithvi Singh Shergill is now Group CEO of the entomo People Experience Business. His priorities will be to drive product development, organizational capability development, and market expansion.

Shergill’s appointment is part of an expansion and restructuring initiative that will see entomo’s main verticals defined as two separate businesses, entomo experience – the people experience business – and entomo healthcare, the newer business that encompasses healthcare analytics and health management for both patients and healthcare providers.

In its new phase of growth, entomo will be expanding into a number of new and existing markets across Asia, the Middle East, Japan, and the Americas.

Shergill joined entomo in 2019, prior to its rebranding from KPISOFT. He is the co-founder of experience platform Tomorrow, which merged with then-KPISOFT that year, and joined the combined business as Chief Business Officer – first overseeing the transition, then working on product offerings, and most recently building a product marketing team. He has also held leadership roles at HCL Technologies, Accenture, Consistent, Singtel, and others.

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