• peta strategi
  • program kinerja
  • objective key results (OKR)
  • indikator kinerja Utama (KPI)
  • pencapaian karyawan
  • peringkat dan kalibrasi
  • penghubung karyawan
  • check in/coach on/call in/ meet in
  • umpan balik 360
  • penghargaan
  • kudos(apresiasi)/ Pengenalan
  • jajak pendapat / survei
  • manajemen tugas
  • mission boards ( untuk Pencapaian tim)
  • program
  • manajemen terpimpin
  • kompetensi untuk masa depan
  • keterampilan karyawan
  • penilaian Keterampilan
  • jalur karir
  • mobilitas internal
  • rekomendasi pembelajaran
  • kartu bakat
  • perencanaan suksesi
  • peta bakat perusahaan & hotspot

dan insight

  • penyesuaian dasbor

  • generalisasi insight

  • pertambahan analisis

  • dorongan yang dipersonalisasi

untuk kustomisasi dan dukungan multi bahasa

hubungi kami

Digunakan oleh lebih dari 15 juta pengguna, 5000+ bisnis, dipercaya oleh grup merek global ternama

Enterprise Performance Management Software

Governmental entity in GCC responsible for developing education systems

Catering more than 2,000 employees

“Having a well-planned project, responsive and professional team working on this daily-changing big task was enjoyable and for sure hitting the ultimate goals ended up very fruitful. entomo will aid you to manage your team & organizational performance program in a manner that is so close to social media which will aid in the utilization of the tool.”

Ashim Mucadam

ATS Travel (Leading international travel management agency in the Middle East)

"Very flexible and user-friendly product. The implementation team was brilliant and efficient and demonstrated a good understanding of our business and have designed the system to suit our requirements."

Kornsiam Nontarat

Chief Agency Officer

“Agency Leaders and Agents are empowered with relevant insights that has taken their both of individual and team performance to a much higher level. The dashboards give us a round the clock real-time knowledge of our performance, anytime, everywhere. Truly a next-generation performance management system.”


Activation & Technical Mastery
PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia

"entomo effectively helps us in seeing (Sales) district activities by providing updated production data during on-going discussions between leaders and agents. The CMP (Sales Process: Call, Meet, Present) makes it easy for us to monitor the Group’s activities."
multilingual support
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa, Thai, and Arabic
ISO 27001, SOC 2 certified
onboarding, onsite rollout support
SSO/SAML supported

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