Enterprise Performance Management Software

Solutions that meet various needs and budgets

  • strategy map
  • performance programs
  • objective key results
  • key performance indicator
  • employee scorecard
  • corporate scorecard
  • rating and calibrations
  • employee hub
  • check in/coach on
  • 360 feedback
  • rewards
  • kudos/ recognition
  • polls/ surveys
  • task management
  • mission boards(for agile team)
  • program management
  • lead management
  • call in/ meet in
  • competencies for the future
  • employee skill profiler
  • skill assessment
  • career pathways
  • internal mobility
  • learning recommendations
  • talent cards
  • succession planning
  • enterprise talent maps and hotspots

and insights

  • Customized Dashboards

  • Insights generator

  • Augmented Analytics

  • Hyper-personalized nudges

Run your business smoothly with software
that improves your performance, continuously

  • Perform: Measure and drive performance, everyday
  • Engage: Drive engagement within and across teams
  • Act: Manage distributed and remote teams
  • Grow: Build a tomorrow ready workforce
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Our software works well with your existing tools

Get in touch with our consultants to discover how our software will seamlessly collaborate with the systems you are currently using. Here are some of the many platforms we are compatible with:

Enjoy the benefits of our platform and achieve your highest potential

Our software solution:

  • Seamlessly collaborates with other platforms; rest assured that we integrate our solution with your existing tools.
  • Has been successfully implemented in organisations where employees work apart together, no matter the location or time zone.
  • Unites all your business needs and creates synergy between Operational performance, Strategy & Enterprise performance and People performance.
  • Moves beyond analysing historical data and leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics, and Behavioural science to exceed performance expectations.
  • Classifies as a system of experience & engagement where people are at the centre of all the synergies.
  • Makes your workday easier with real-time, actionable insights, continuous performance reviews, 360-degree feedback and much more. Let us worry about the technical details so you can focus on meeting your KPIs, achieving your goals and engaging your employees.
Multilingual support English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa, Thai, and Arabic
ISO 27001, SOC 2
Onboarding, Onsite
Rollout Support

A word from our clients

Mukesh Dhawan

CEO, Zurich Malaysia

“We’re beating the market quarter on quarter. entomo has taken us to the next level of engagement with a substantial increase in the number of active agents and revenue.”

Dumasi M M Samosir

Director at PT. Asuransi Sinarmas

“Data is now accessible to every person across the organization – even to the lowest level. This is the beauty of ‘democratization of data.’ Our agency team achieved 31% growth in terms of gross return premium with entomo.”

Mochtar Suhadi

Chief Organization & Development Officer,
Sinarmas Mining

“The daily feed of key insights and intuitive dashboards at our fingertips has greatly improved our decision making process, our performance and made us more efficient.”

Nasri Mohamed

Ex Vice President, Telekom Malaysia

“entomo enabled a 31% productivity increase for our 7000 plus front-liners with a cost reduction of 14%, placing TM in the top quartile of telcos globally.”
Since 2008, we have been trusted by global and local brands. We are powering 30 Million+ users & 1.4 Million+ businesses
What are you doing today to thrive tomorrow?

Are you looking to create synergy between operations, strategy and people performance while continuously improving your company and employees? Are you in need of a system that seamlessly collaborates with your existing tools, supports the growth of your employees and facilitates new ways of working? Do you want your software to help you predict and steer your future?

Our team is curious about your challenges and ambitions. Get in touch with us for a free consultation or schedule a demo and learn how our software makes your workday easier, more productive and more purposeful. Today and tomorrow.

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