Why is performance appraisal software essential in today’s work environment?

Why is performance appraisal software necessary for organizations? Gone are those days when such a question was asked because it has now become an integral part of uplifting the business. In the current working environment, almost every organization relies on such tools for functioning virtually.

The outbreak of the pandemic showed people the value of online performance management tools. In the fast-paced changing world, it was almost impossible to manage teams from miles away. But, thanks to these AI-based systems that are helping in managing the team and keeping them engaged.

The involvement of these tools in the modern working environment came along with many benefits and improved the employee engagement and performance review process in the following manner.

Track strength and weakness

Just like manual performance reviews, these tools also help managers to track the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Every team member is important for achieving the organizational goals, but in the past keeping a track of everyone manually was not everyone’s cup of tea. Managers of big teams are generally overwhelmed and sometimes unknowingly face biases. It creates a negative environment across the team.

But, after the arrival of online team management tools, these issues are totally eliminated. Performance review software gathers and creates reliable data, check processes, provides regular reports, etc., of each employee. It saves time, helps in managing the team effectively, and also eases the burden of managers.

Give real-time continuous feedback

Feedback in the traditional performance appraisal system was given quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. There was a huge understanding gap and the relationship between managers and employees was also not too strong. Other than that, it was a time-consuming process that required lots of effort. During the pandemic, the time came to bid adieu to such a length performance evaluation process.

Now, performance review applications have made the task much easier. It has established a two-way feedback process. It conducts surveys where employees put their points and give their feedback. The data gathered helps managers to understand their employees and the teams’ requirements. Based on the provided information, managers can provide regular and real-time feedback.

Easy to use

One of the biggest challenges the managers faced during traditional performance reviews was that they heavily relied on paper. It was a cumbersome task for managers to bring out all those papers of every employee and consolidate them to create an effective review.

With the help of online performance management software like entomo the task has become hassle-free. Managers only need to evaluate the automated data created by AI-based performance review software and input their own reviews. The tool will automatically generate a document by completing the existing insights and the manager’s review.


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many aspects of everyone’s life. But, when talking about employee management,the process has become simple and easy. It can become even more beneficial if the organizations align the right task to the right person by using the correct employee engagement tool.

entomo is a modern performance management software built for the ‘future of work.’ Powering 30mn+ users, entomo enables ‘enterprises of tomorrow’ to drive performance by aligning goals and nudging actionable insights to manage distributed & remote teams and build a tomorrow-ready workforce. To know more, visit https://entomo.co/request-demo/

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