Why I Need a Performance Management System

An Employee’s Point of View
Going in for a new job can be nerve wrecking. Going in a for a new job and not knowing the overall goals that are expected of you is even worse. Many companies have the mentality of throwing new employees to the wolves and seeing how they turn out. For a small percentage of people, that works. For the much larger percentage, they are lost not knowing what to do because their goals and expectations were not carefully laid out for them. 
Knowing the goals that a company is working to accomplish, and knowing your role in achieving that goal is key. With a booming company, multitasking is part of the job but prioritizing those tasks can be hard. New projects are assigned with priority deadlines, and they join the list of those you’ve already been working on, and you think to yourself, “where do I start”? Keeping my projects and progress in a performance management system helped me track where I was with a project, where I needed to pick up the slack, and where I was excelling. It was my own “project priority calculator,” helping me decide what I needed to work on, when I needed to concentrate on a particular project, and tracking my overall goal… thereby, discovering how my contribution helped my company’s bottom line.
As you are working from project to project, at times you may feel overwhelmed. You also may feel like you are not making an impact on the company because you are working on multiple projects; but, you certainly are. More than likely your company doesn’t have a system that will recognize the everyday hard work that goes into making your job and the company successful. It’s also likely that if a system is not in place that aggregates everyone’s day-to-day work, it makes it extremely difficult for a manager to recognize goals being accomplished.
We’ve all experienced that time where you put many work hours into a project that is completed but goes unrecognized by your boss….. and that’s frustrating. Having a system that monitors work performance and having that data reported to an employee’s manager, make it easy for them to notice an individual’s hard work. Having a scorecard for managers to view is also important.  It gives them access to real-time updates on the progress made, and at the same time reminds them of all the projects you’ve been working on.
Scorecards will alleviate all the time needed to find out what is thriving as well as what may not be working, thereby making a manager’s decision on what they want an employee to concentrate on much easier. Stephen Miller, CEBS from SHRM.org states, “Employees’ perception of their senior leaders is a key influencer in their decision to stay with or leave an organization.” So if an employee feels that their senior level managers are not praising hard work, employees will go somewhere where they feel their work is appreciated.
Now, some of you may think having a monitoring system in place is just a way for your boss to get on to you when you get off task; but it can be a great tool for regular employees to help them manage their own work and projects. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have to multitask. But with a performance management system, you will know what you need to work on and when. With a performance management system in place, not only will your work be managed to achieve the company’s overall goals, but your manager will be able to recognize your hard work as well. From my point of view, this is why I need a performance management system in my workplace.
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