Why Artificial General Intelligence Is The Next Frontier For Human Capital Management

The world of human capital management is rapidly evolving with leaders creating inspiring visions of humans and machines.

A combination of artificial intelligence (AI), Bot, and other future technologies like Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) looks set to usher in a new era for human capital management.

The key to success will undoubtedly lie in harnessing the power of human wisdom and the power of technology, and getting the combination right, betting big and delivering flawlessly.

As things stand today, we are in the early stages of reaping the value machines can bring. And AGI is the next frontier — where the difference between human thinking and machine will blur.

While still in the research stage, AGI is the point where human cognitive thinking is replaced by AGI. It may be another decade before AGI gains consumer usability, but it is already creating a lot of hype that machines will overtake humans.

While AI is already being used in our everyday life. We as consumers benefit from the continued advancement in technology. If you are one of the half million Tesla owners, you are using an auto-pilot driverless assistance, which tracks safety and all other gauges. Our partner, NTT DATA’s Artificial Intelligence Test Engine (NTT AGI) uses AI to analyse test cases and defect metrics in order to increase test coverage, while reducing the number of tests. Customers that have implemented NTT AGI are achieving 95% accuracy in defect prediction.

In addition, augmented analytics is the next wave of disruption in the data and analytics market, according to Gartner Research.

“As digital businesses become inundated with data, augmented analytics becomes crucial for presenting to users across the business only what is important for them in their context to act upon at that moment. It drives less-biased decisions and more-impartial contextual awareness — transforming how users interact with data, make decisions and acton insights,” Gartner says in a recent report.

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