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The client is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the ASEAN, with over 24,000 employees and 5 million customers.

Productivity and customer satisfaction were lagging; and managers were running low on ideas about how to scale improvements. Only senior managers had access to critical analytics analyzed weekly at HQ by a strategic team.
They could only identify and drive a finite number of strategic initiatives every year and even these were slowed because they relied on person-to-person communication, which took time, strained resources, and resulted in long delays in implementing actions on the ground.

Democratize these insights to 6,500-person workforce in the field. This information had to be delivered in terms they could understand in order to have a non-linear improvement in customer satisfaction and the productivity of retail-center agents who were serving an average of 4.8 customers per day.
Gamify data with reward points for each desired action, along with a program for recognition and rewards. entomo’s AI-powered performance management platform delivered daily activity and productivity data in a mobile format to each field technician, supervisor, and zone manager, with actionable insights to improve quality and service. Daily leaderboards, top customer comments, and earned rewards points were delivered on the mobile app. With large-scale adoption of the platform, each field technician could make better and more informed decisions in line with improving his operations.
Achieved over 350% productivity gains in terms of clients served within the first 100 days. Customer satisfaction scores correspondingly increased by 60%, while employee engagement results rose by 33%

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