Planning to return to the office? Know some best ways to support your employees throughout the process!

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in some or other ways, but we tried our level best to keep our family and loved ones safe from this deadly virus. For employers, their employees are their second family. Just like us, the industrial leaders also worked tirelessly during the pandemic to ensure the health and safety of their workforce. They implemented the remote working system overnight and asked their employees to work from home and stay safe. Even though both management and employees faced challenges in working from a distance, that was the need of the hour and everyone tried their best to adapt to the new working trend. Companies used online employee engagement tools to keep a track of employees’ performance and output.

Now that things are changing and we are stepping towards the back to normal phase, it’s time to join offices again and start the old working mode. Although there are numerous questions in employees’ minds regarding resuming work from the office model, this time as well, employers are putting maximum effort to help the workforce to come back to normal.

Here are some best ways to ensure the hassle-free return of employees to the workplace.

Points to follow for smooth office returning of employees

Employees’ inputs are must

Employees play a vital role in organizational operations and success, so it is essential to take their inputs a few weeks before implementing work from the office model. Managers or supervisors need to conduct regular team meetings to understand employees’ thinking on this plan.

Gather their inputs for building strategies that are both employee and employer-friendly. Plans created after following this approach works well and minimize the worries of employees because their challenges and pain points are also considered while making the plan.

Adopt hybrid model

Many companies these days are switching towards adopting the hybrid model. This mode of working is neither completely work-from-home nor totally work-from-office. It is a mix of both. Offices can either call only 50% of their employees in the beginning to maintain social distance or can ask some of the workforces to work two days in a week from the office and the remaining three days from home.

Doing this will create a balance and also reduce fear from employees’ heads. This hybrid model of working not only boosts the morale of employees but also improves their productivity and engagement.

Keep transparency in the process

Transparency is a must in this process and employees should know all the major steps related to returning to the office plan. This will help to get prepared and in case they have any concerns, they can express them and get them resolved.

Now, once employees have a clear understanding of the whole process, the next step is to share emails and have regular team meetings to explain how this process will help ease pressure from employees’ minds and how they can focus more on their work without worrying much.

Final note

Along with focusing on the aforementioned pointers, employers also need to pay attention to the safety and health of their employees. They need to follow all the safety measures and COVID-19 protocols so that employees build a sense of safety in their minds. Also, management needs to assure that the supportive culture and employee engagement are not hampered while planning for and implementing the work-from-office model again. Without a healthy culture, organizations simply cannot develop and retain top talent. To ensure this, many organizations are using employee engagement ideas and management systems like entomo.

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