Make Your Company's Performance This Year's Top Priority

Dr. Sandra Pereira, CEO entomo

What’s your #1 priority this year? 6 tips to make 2017 your best performing year ever!  

11-4.jpgIn 2017, all eyes will be on you and how your company performs. Economists are keeping a close watch on all indicators of change. Politicians are measuring; media is listening; workers are rallying; and consumer confidence is once again on the rise.
Consumer confidence decreased in January, after reaching a 15-year high in December,” said Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board. “The decline in confidence was driven solely by a less optimistic outlook for business conditions, jobs, and especially consumers’ income prospects. Consumers’ assessment of current conditions, on the other hand, improved in January. Despite the retreat in confidence, consumers remain confident that the economy will continue to expand in the coming months.” 
So, what does this mean for your company?  Are you in a position to expand to meet the increased consumer demands or will this change in direction catch you by surprise? When looking back over the past decade, companies, large and small, saw their growth stifled by economic conditions that they literally had no control over. The tide raises –and in this case lowers – all boats equally so, no matter how much you may struggle to get ahead.
So what makes 2017 different? It’s only February and right now it feels like a mixed bag of hope-seekers (the optimists) and naysayers (the pessimists).
Professional services giant, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), lists the following indicators for 2017 business performance:

Top opportunities for achieving corporate goals in 2017


Source: Trendsetter Barometer Business Outlook, PwC, 2017. Percentages denote the number of companies that said they planned to make increases in these areas over the next 12 months

What is your company planning for 2017?  The opportunities showcased above are brave and bold for companies still recovering from the largest economic low since the Great Depression. For many of us it means preparation for the risks and challenges that we need to take to remain leaders in our industries.
“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO.
Are you ready to take the risk? Are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?  
…. now is the time to take that leap of faith by defining your destiny for 2017!
Let us help you with these 6 tips

6 Tips on How to Make 2017 the Best Year Ever!

1. Make performance everybody’s job, every day
In 2017, create a roadmap that guides every department within your organization to focus on the finish line. Winning the race in 2017 will be very important…and to win that race, everyone has to be driving in the same direction. So after you identify the risky roads and avoid the wrong turns, map your path to success. And, most importantly, make sure everyone has the same map. By creating goals that cascade from the boardroom to each department and every individual, you can stay aligned and focused on the prize. And as a side effect, your employees will be more engaged and satisfied, as expectations are clear and achievement can be measured.
2. Increase productivity by measuring it
In 2017, rely heavily on tools available to measure employee productivity. In today’s workplace, we cannot always look across the aisle or over the next cube to see what someone is working on. 
 Today’s workplaces closely resemble our customers’ profile.  We are geographically dispersed all over the world; we have varied skill sets and distinct needs for tools and support. Never before have our workplaces undergone such a transformation that allows them to work 24 hours a day, in multiple time zones, and belong to teams and departments that may never pass each other in the halls. Pair this with a focus on deliverables as defined above, and you are one step closer to winning the race.
3. Utilize the latest technology to separate the signal from the noise
In 2017, businesses on the fast lane will go beyond merely producing data, and leaving them to their executives to make sense out of numbers and Excel sheets.
2017 is the year where companies will move from providing analytics and cutting through Big Data to eventually delivering insights at scale to their leadership. Make sure you don’t miss the trend to embrace the latest tech tools: with Artificial Intelligence, everybody can now have their own personal analyst at their fingertips.
 While the others are still analyzing, you already convert insight into action. See the difference!
4. Improve the Customer Experience
In 2017, make a pledge to check the customer’s pulse after each sale, after each implementation and continually while you remain their service provider.
The customer experience and accordingly customer satisfaction is key to the biggest challenge of any company – repeat business.  But don’t be too quick to rule out the importance of technology. Today’s customers demand streamlined methods of gathering their feedback… so utilize mobile apps, online surveys and email inquiries. But keep it simple and make sure the data you collect can lead to insights and actions that improve your products and services.
5. Retain your top talent (and convert more into top talents)
In 2017, it will be important for every business to make themselves the “Employer of Choice.” With consumer demands on the rise and labor pools shrinking, companies will need strong strategies in place to hire the skills they need and grow additional talent from within. Take the Millennials as an example… they want work-life balance, and they want to contribute to meaningful purpose, they also want to be recognized for their contributions with instant feedback delivered junt-in-time, they want to be respected, and given the freedom to shape their work and be rewarded for their ideas; and while they care less about hierarchy, they want to grow in any dimension possible and important to them individually.  And there’s no better way to support this but to have those messages come directly from the top. Having the CEO reinforce the culture is one of the best strategies for retaining talent. So identify what it needs to match their needs, develop your processes and policies, put those platforms in place that bring it all together, and stay true to your vision of creating a great place to work. And don’t forget to ask them directly – nothing beats the insights you gain from a staff satisfaction survey and equally so, the feedback they can give you on their bosses and co-workers, to manage that dynamic, too!
6. Get that big picture view
In 2017, just as in all the years before, it will again be important to see the bigger picture. So if you are still not managing your company’s performance holistically, with an integrated view across business units and functional departments – make that move now and finally transform that fragmented application landscape by using tools that integrate performance management analysis with other reporting functions.
You must be able to see what you want to see within one click, and act upon it with one click. Everything else is no longer acceptable.  The world is moving too quickly to allow you to having to search for those insights in different IT tools, reports or ask your IT department to draw those numbers by tomorrow, while  you needed them yesterday.
Combine that with individual employee performance and ensure collaboration across the entire organization on the go.

There you have it…the recipe for success in 2017. By staying focused on the big picture and  concentrating on insights and ensuring greater work productivity, increased customer satisfaction, a more talented workforce that knows exactly what is expected from them, you can join companies across the globe who will be closing out 2017 as front-runners in their industries.  

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Get started now by letting entomo help you cross the finish line as Winners!

Visit us at and schedule a demo.

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