How To Win with Enterprise Performance Management Tools


How can you use EPM tools to unlock the true potential of your team?

Enterprise Performance Management, or EPM, tools are revolutionizing organizations – increasing employee productivity and engagement in companies around the world. But what could it mean for your company? Read on to learn how to use these tools to the benefit of your organization.

Enterprise Performance Management: Coming of Age

Although the world at large is more connected now than ever before, the world of employee management and coaching remains largely disconnected. However, with more and more millennials joining the workforce, that is all about to change. The new generation of workers demand more communication, connectivity and technology than ever before.

EPM software and methodology can help today’s businesses meet these demands for increased engagement among employees. By integrating methodology that helps managers communicate with and lead their team members more effectively with technology designed to be familiar, engaging and intuitive companies can reach new levels of productivity and performance. Here’s how:

STEP 1:  Leverage technology to achieve organizational alignment

All too often, business units within an organization set up their own goals. While these goals are great independently, when viewed together, they don’t align across the organization. This creates disorganization and disfunction throughout the business. What’s more, it keeps the company from reaching its true potential.

By implementing an EPM solution across all business units, goals can be created, set and managed cohesively across the business and organizational alignment becomes feasible. The more aligned, connected, engaged and driven your employees are, the more productive your enterprise will be.

STEP 2: Enable top performance – anywhere

The most effective EPM software enables improvements in not just one area of the business, but in many. In particular, it’s important that your EPM model supports organizational alignment, effective coaching, employee collaboration and continuous calibration. While these aspects are critical components of any EPM program, there is one more key factor to consider in leveraging it to unlock your team’s true potential: mobility.

Because continual assessment, engagement and communication are important in getting the most out of your teams, it’s imperative to have an EPM program that supports a mobile workforce.

Use your EPM software to maintain a constant, steady, strong connection with employees regardless of where they are. Whether they’re in the office or traveling, in the same city as their manager or on the other side of the globe, your EPM technology should allow for ongoing coaching, support and communication about growth and learning opportunities.

STEP 3: Commit to unlearning and adapting

EPM tools have the ability to help your team unlearn old habits and break out of traditional performance management models that may be holding your company back from achieving greater success.

Commit to remaining open-minded about new ways to approach existing processes. When you’re receptive to innovative ideas, methodologies and technology – things that may bring about changes to your processes and strategies, you open your company up to a new world of possibilities.

Allow your EPM tools to help you unlearn your old ways. By being adaptable, you will not only improve productivity and performance, you’ll also become more attractive to the most promising individuals joining the workforce.

EPM programs are so much more than software, apps or platforms.  They are foundational to your performance management process and play a key role in organizational alignment. Take a step back to think through what your EPM software is doing for you – and what it could be doing to help your enterprise reach new heights.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a high-performing enterprise performance management could do for your business, schedule a demo of entomo today!

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