How to upgrade your performance review?

Evaluating employee performance effectively has always been a prime concern of organizations. It is not a new approach that businesses are opting for upscaling themselves in marketing. History has evidence that performance review processes have evolved drastically over time. A few years back annual performance review was in trend but now frequent feedbacks are on hype.

There is no doubt that annual reviews are no more effective in today’s working environment. Employees need regular feedback to maintain consistency between aligned tasks and achieved targets. Giving frequent suggestions is beneficial for organizations too. Companies can track whether their employees are on the same page or not. Also, it establishes a healthy relationship between managers and employees.

So, we can say that upgrading the performance review process is beneficial for both organizations as well as their employees. But, now the question arises how to upgrade it? Here are our expert’s recommendations to improve performance evaluation in the organization.

Managers should have the right tools

It is essential for managers to have a tangible way to evaluate performance and create data based on their team’s capabilities. Having the right employee management tool gives framework and credibility to the whole performance review process.

So it is important for leaders to have holistic performance management software. Such applications will provide accurate insights, reliable and error-free data, timely feedback, and more.

Managers should have the structure for more effective conversations

According to a study by Havard Business Review, trust has always been an issue between employees and managers. As per the data, 58% of employees trust a stranger, and only 42% of the workforce trusts their managers or boss. This gap is putting a negative impact on employees’ performance and becomes the reason for an ineffective review performance.

Employees who are open with their managers give them useful information and insights to work on, but those who are not, leave managers with no clue. In such a scenario, it is the duty of HR professionals to provide managers with a structure so that they can have conversations with the employees.

Track and adjust employee’s progress

The fact is that reviews are not just for evaluating employees’ performance. It is also important for managers to see if employees are meeting their aligned tasks and accomplishing their personal goals. In today’s time, employees want to see and understand their progress.

Effective performance reviews provide managers with an opportunity to understand their employees’ expectations and find opportunities for them to accomplish their professional goals. It is proven that employees are more effective when managers are always there to help them.

So, by tracking performance and implementing changes, managers can discover their strongest performers and assess employees to build new talent.


These pointers can be proven more fruitful if the right employment management tool like entomo is used along with the essential steps. A data-driven performance evaluation software will give useful insights for making correct decisions and achieving organizational objectives.

entomo is a modern performance management software built for the ‘future of work.’ Powering 30mn+ users, entomo enables ‘enterprises of tomorrow’ to drive performance by aligning goals and nudging actionable insights to manage distributed & remote teams and build a tomorrow-ready workforce. To know more, visit

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