Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: How to promote it in the workplace?

Today’s organizations are now focusing more on having effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plans and initiatives. DEI has now become the new standard of excellent leadership. Organizations with better DEI plans show higher employee satisfaction and unmatchable performance and better outcome. Having all three elements in the company plays a vital role in the success of the organization. If the managers have positive everyday experiences, they automatically become closer to their employees.

Furthermore, encouraging employees to share their thoughts and insights where the workforce feels supported, heard and safe creates relationship-building opportunities and gives birth to innovative ideas. It also helps organizations to come closer and interact with their customers and communities. There are different ways of promoting DEI in the workplace and few of which are discussed in the write-up below.

Ways to promote DEI throughout the organization

Ways to promote diversity

Diversity in an organization can be promoted in the following ways –

Avoid biased hiring

During the recruitment process, it has been observed that unconscious biases take place. To overcome this organizations must provide training to the hiring team. When a diverse pool of talent is applying for a particular job opening then discriminatory hiring practices can affect the organization’s efforts infused for promoting DEI in the organization and there will be a homogeneous workforce.

Ensure representation at each level

It has been noticed that diversity begins from executive-level management in the organization. The important diversity, equity, and inclusion factors can be hampered if all the employees in the company are treated and evaluated on the same scale. Therefore, the upper-level decision-makers of the company must promote multiple perspectives.

Ways to promote equity

Keep transparency for wages

Organizations and individual contributors should focus on avoiding biased pay gaps. They should have an understanding of how salary depends on job performance and responsibility. For better clarity, it is recommended to mention salary slabs on the job description.

Implement employee education programs

The systemic barrier is one of the biggest barriers that make it challenging for professionals from marginalized groups to have a degree and other types of qualifications required for getting jobs. Providing educational advantages in the company can give employees with better learning opportunities that allow growth and development opportunities for business.

Ways to promote inclusion

Promote open communication

Organizations should always focus on promoting good communication and making the employees feel that they are heard when they speak up. Leaders should also pay inclusion efforts in communicating openly. This will make employees feel safe while communicating their concerns and giving feedback to the management.

Provide all holidays

Many organizations do not follow and celebrate global holidays even if they have employees from all over the world. It creates an environment of discrimination where one religious tradition is recognized and the other is not. But, this should not be the case, to promote inclusion in the workplace, allowing flexible offs can help employees feel better. It will let them know that the traditions are also valued no matter which country they are from.

Whether it be diversity, equity, or inclusion, all three of them hold a common goal and that is to create a healthy working culture where every employee can work properly and feel valued. Companies can bring an impactful transformation by following these simple actions. Also, they can use team management tools like entomo. These tools help the management in understanding employees’ performance, skill gaps, training requirements, etc. through AI-based real-time data. With the help of the gathered insights, organizations can make and implement plans and promote DEI.

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