Conversational Analytics

“The voice of the company” is no longer just a saying, as with AI, it can now actually be heard. Conversational analytics is breaking ground in the business world as it has become a solution for enterprises to hear and measure what their clients and employees are searching for, typing or saying. Just like in the social media sphere, businesses are integrating Conversational analytics into their workflow to include sentiment analysis, enhanced social listening and greater personalization to better meet users’ needs. Despite its monumental growth and adoption rate, many businesses are still unfamiliar to what exactly CA is, and how it can improve leadership and communication skill within all tiers of a company.

What is Conversational analytics?

It is a rapidly expanding paradigm that facilitates users to generate queries, explore data, and receive and act on real time insights in natural language (voice or text) via mobile devices and personal assistants.

Conversational analytics is a combination of NLQ, augmented data discovery, natural language narration and chatbots. It will be enabled by personal digital assistants in mobile devices, examples including Apple’s Sir, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Users should be able to ask questions using NLQ or search, either entered via a search box, or via a conversational chatbot. Relevant results should be narrated by text or voice

What can Conversational Analytics do for your company?

Conversational analytics has the ability to address analytics adoption challenges by enabling any user to interact with data using natural language to gain the most relevant, optimized and actionable insights for their role and context.

Applying this to real life situations, a Sales Managers could ask for an analysis of sales, based on their role. They will be presented with an explanation or narrative of statically important drivers of change, and might be sent visualizations (on a device) to show important trends, patterns or outliers, based on their role. Conversational analytics will also be embedded in the workflow of applications that every employee uses.

Conversational Analytics is a system them provides assistance to every user, making AI a part of your team as they integrate harmoniously into the work-space and routine of any user. Because everyone can be part of the conversation and assess results together, AI-based conversational analytics is great for group decision making, allowing teams to collaborate on ideas while being supported by AI in one single platform.

In the recent Gartner Report, the new phenomenon of conversational analytics was discussed in depth, covering its potential in the business world, and how monopolies like Apple and Amazon have incorporated into their brand to bring in monumental revenue.

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