Challenges and solutions for performance appraisal in manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries are denoted as one of the most complex industries because of their complicated processes that include different tools, manual labor, and machines to accomplish economies of scale. In these industries, products are created from raw materials by taking help from man force, machinery, and automation technologies. Manufacturing processes come under the operational spectrum that consists of high volume or low complexity production processes on one side, and low volume or high complexity processes on another side.

Some manufacturing industries are clothing, electronics, aviation, medical devices, etc. These industries are combating low participation rates in the performance appraisals throughout different departments due to which it has become difficult for leaders to transition from yearly to monthly performance reviews. For most performance-sensitive working environments, weekly or daily performance reviews are required. This is the reason why manufacturing leaders face a lack of actionable performance data for optimizing and driving the current performance.

Challenges faced by manufacturing industries during performance appraisals

Some of the major challenges that manufacturing industry leaders face while evaluating employee performance appraisals are as follows:

  • The lack of actionable data is proven to be costly for manufacturing industries. Furthermore, many industrial leaders think operating cost competitiveness is one of the reasons for disruption in the industry.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 has intensified the shop-floor productivity concerns that exist within the manufacturing industry- majorly in the high-mix, low-volume production.
  • Due to the pandemic, there has been a global rise in demand for goods leading manufacturers to constantly pressurize delivery timelines.
  • Other challenges came when there was a global shortage of components, there were unscheduled plant closures, and people were bound to meet social distancing requirements, etc. These things disrupted the production process. Due to this manufacturing companies are facing difficulties in delivering necessary products when they are extremely required.

To overcome these challenges there are some solutions proposed by companies that offer performance evaluation software.

Solutions to overcome performance appraisal challenges in manufacturing industries

Immediate performance visibility

To get rid of performance appraisal challenges, manufacturing companies are using employee performance management software like entomo. This is an AI-based automated performance appraisal software that helps manufacturing companies track employee performance effortlessly. The tool allows organizations to do performance appraisals of all their employees in the 360-degree feedback format through KPIs daily.

Sequential accountability

Multiple job titles and KPIs allow managers can incorporate all job roles in their performance planning and performance appraisal process to ensure sequential or end-to-end accountability. Following 360-degree feedback gives raters a better grasp of the values and behaviors that are critical to team success which will drastically elevate the visibility of performance and improve the accountability of the work.

Centralized data management

In entomo, there is a centralized data management system that stores all the centralized data safely for quick access and hassle-free extraction, if and when required. The data gathered by using this software is accurate and highly trusted because they are AI-driven and are extracted on a real-time basis.

Wrap up

Performance appraisal in manufacturing industries can sometimes be a daunting task for leaders and HRs because of the aforementioned challenges. But, these can be overcome by using the best employee performance management software like entomo.

entomo is a modern employee performance management software built for the ‘future of work.’ Powering 30mn+ users, entomo enables ‘enterprises of tomorrow’ to drive performance by aligning goals and nudging actionable insights to manage distributed & remote teams and build a tomorrow-ready workforce. To know more, visit

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