What are the 5 best strategies to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion?

It is always said that diversity plays a vital role in the success of the workplace. Organizations that embrace DEI have noticed a boost in revenue, higher retention, and more scope for innovation. Having diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organization values employees’ contributions and shows the demographic characteristics of the workforce. Organizations that promote DEI find the best talent, have better employee engagement, and have a good customer base.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only about having a diverse workplace but also ensuring that the workforce is involved, empowered, and has trust in the organization. Many companies are already having a proper DEI in place, but some organizations are still planning and working on implementing it in a better way. In both cases, revising and making effective strategies is crucial for success. So, we have mentioned some best strategies for improving DEI in the workplace.

Best strategies to enhance DEI in the organization

Have a robust training and mentorship program

There are numerous opportunities of providing employees training and exposure to the best mentorship, it can be done through cross-department shadowing, lunch with the leaders, etc. Providing such opportunities improve employees’ engagement and help employees in getting promoted, irrespective of their company hierarchy.

A robust mentoring plan set clear expectations for the workforce, across different levels of the organization. The mentorship programs establish two-way communication, promote a dynamic environment, and allow people to learn from others instead of simply having teacher-student interaction.

Ensure that programs are benefits are inclusive

It has been noticed that women in organizations have more caregiving responsibilities in comparison to men. They look after the elders and children too. Companies should assess the benefits and programs to make sure that they are in favor of caregivers in the organization.

Providing them with flexible work schedules and resources can be an added help for them as they can balance their work and home responsibilities.

Leaders should be accountable

A diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy will only be effective across the organization if the leadership takes accountability and space for implementing it. As soon as the goals are determined and DEI is measured against them, the leadership team should hold the resulting accountability.

The workforce always looks at their leaders with hope whenever they need guidance. But, they will only adhere to their suggestions if they think their leaders are changemakers and think about their team.

Consider team member’s feedback

It is always recommended to gather employees’ feedback through various means, such as – surveys, suggestion boxes, employee resource groups, etc. Also, after getting and implementing the feedback let the employees know when it was done so that they can feel valued.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to share the results received from the team’s suggestions. This will help in promoting employee engagement and focus on improving the DEI efforts.

Review employees’ benefits

Most of the traditional employee benefits are exclusive, such as healthcare benefits, holiday schedules, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to revisit employee benefits and focus on making them inclusive by incorporating the following advantages.

  • Come up with healthcare benefits that are inclusive and contain mental health benefits, benefits for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Give floating holidays to the team so that they can celebrate holidays as per their choice.
  • Give them flexible working hours so that they can maintain a work-life balance.

The aforementioned are some of the best strategies to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organization. Furthermore, to make the process simpler, along with implementing these strategies companies also use employee performance management systems like entomo. It is a tool that gives real-time feedback, and AI-based data and helps in promoting DEI across the organization.

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