A quick action guide to business performance management

It is very difficult to run an organization where performance is not managed. Employees always need clarity of goals and regular constructive feedback to achieve their goals. Leaders and managers should make sure the employees feel comfortable while talking to them on these.

For all this to happen smoothly, it is essential to have a well-structured business performance management system in an organization. It helps managers to develop and support employees to empower them to do their work. It was developed as a way to monitor progress and create more efficient ways to achieve the organizations’ goals.

What is business performance management?

Business performance management is also known as Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM). It includes mechanisms that organizations use to measure performance and communicate its outcomes internally and externally. Its prime objective is to use present and historical performance data to enhance future performance and decision-making.

What are the processes involved in business performance management?

Business performance management generally includes the following business processes.

  • Budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Dashboarding
  • Business modeling
  • Consolidation
  • Scorecards
  • Risk management
  • Financial, statutory, and management reporting
  • Business and predictive analytics
  • Compliance, corporate governance, and internal controls

Importance of business performance management

Organizations around the globe are constantly evaluating techniques to figure out business processes that are more efficient in terms of cost and the accomplishment of goals. For achieving their objectives, it is essential for businesses to opt for the right method of business performance management. It has numerous importances, some of which are noted below.

It leads to better business decisions

When we talk about decision-making in businesses, the more financial information we have, the most calculated decision will be. By doing this stakeholders can observe how financial information interrelates throughout departments and thereby they get a 360-degree overview of the financial impact that decision will have.

Makes staff more efficient

There is numerous business performance management software available in the market that is built to streamline financial processes. These applications automate processes, such as data collection and reporting that makes manual jobs simpler. As a result, managers get the real-time data and evaluate the efficiency of staff accordingly.

Promote alignment across departments, divisions, branches, and LoBs

Using business performance management software is highly beneficial for organizations as it provides users with a look into financial data at different levels of granularity. By using such tools, regional users can access the information that is relevant to them, global users can get a panorama view of trends happening all around the organization, and then prioritize budget plans and steps.


Along with using business performance management software, it is essential to work proactively to develop and empower employees. For doing all these tasks, businesses rely on performance management tools and an expert’s advice.

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