A “human” perspective of AI in “Human” Resources

There’s a famous quote in the #HR community: 

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”. 

It really is quite clear that people like “appreciation”! 

In our recent poll, we posed a simple question: What do you think is the most effective way to keep an employee more engaged?

And the option “Recognition” got the most votes!

However, when it comes to giving recognition, rewarding, and praising people, there’s almost always an element of bias. Surprisingly, even during remote work.

Broadly, that and automation are the reasons why tech and AI enter your org’s Human Resources department. 

A recent Gartner research has revealed that despite the current restrained environment, even though one-third of HR leaders plan on cutting budgets this year, 90% still want to increase or at least maintain investments in tech. 

And for good reason… 

There’s a long list of functions that are almost impossible to keep a track of on a regular basis. 

We can elaborate on each point and how exactly AI helps in those. But the point is: All of those HR functions need “Insights”. And we live in a world that knows how to use data in the best way to get those insights. 

So be it:

  • Helping in organizing tasks, 
  • Nudging the employee in the right direction
  • Tracking employee activities
  • Trying to figure out which exact employee needs a mentoring session and which one needs to be praised and taken to lunch.
  • Whom, when, and which course to recommend…

We recommend you let AI do the analyzing and choosing so that you have the time to do the real (unbiased) “managing”. 

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