5 mandatory questions to be asked during an employee performance review

When you are conducting a performance review, it not only is the time to discuss performance but also uncover employee’s strengths, makes sure they align with the company’s goal and empower them through continuous development. However, that is no simple feat.

An efficient performance review cycle must include HR professionals working in lock-step with the managers to help garner accurate insight on team performance. However, to achieve that managers must be provided with the right questions that they can ask employees during the review.

Some of them are as follows:

  • What aspect of their performance do they feel most proud of? : It is of paramount importance that employees take pride in their work. A firm answer by the employee can imply that they put effort into their work. Moreover, it can help the employee settle into a more relaxed frame of mind for the one-on-one. And, it is fairly easy to follow this up with a more personalized and specific question about your employees’ accomplishments.
  • Ask them about their level of job satisfaction: You need to be aware of how your employees feel. Even the jobs that felt rewarding initially can end up feeling stressful and unfulfilling, especially if they are not leading to where you thought they might. Moreover, as a manager, make it a point to extract information from the performance management system. It will help you identify and bridge the skill gap, if any, as that might be the reason why your employee is not satisfied with their job.
  • Ask them if there is something they would like to change about the workplace?: Another way of asking this question is by saying if they feel like anything in the organization is impeding them in their role. Here, the managers must frame this question properly because in case they don’t, employees might feel hesitant to open up about workplace issues that are affecting their engagement.
  • Ask them if they feel their role is aligned with the company’s objectives: This question helps managers assess perceived goal alignment. This is asked to understand whether the employees identify or understand the goals of their employers if there is a lack of clarity from the employees.
  • Ask them if there is anything they would like to disclose about their physical or mental health? This might be a sensitive topic for them, so make sure that you frame this properly. However, do not avoid this question because it is necessary, it helps make reasonable adjustments to ensure accessibility for employees with mental illness or chronic health conditions. Moreover, make sure that this information stays confidential.

  • The above questions can help make an employee performance review and productive conversation in a safe space which can aid in aligning employee goals to the organization’s objectives


If you have ever conducted a performance review, you must know how tough it can get. Rather than trusting the manager that they are having a future-focused review with each employee, HR professionals should hand them over the above questions to reveal individual strengths and align employee goals to the organization’s aims and objectives.

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